The Ceremony

hj_ball_07hj_ball_06The wedding ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. on the 10th of June in Utö church.

Tradition states that friends and family of the bride and groom sit on different sides. We feel that tradition is a bit unimportant. If you however fell it is important, choose the right hand side for the groom and the left hand side for the bride, when facing the altar.

After the ceremony we all meet up in front of the church for photos and hugs galore. Instead of filling the hair of the bride with grain-based groceries and gravel, something much more festive will be provided. When everyone is satisfied, the bridal party will set off by boat.

Guest will be escorted by foot to Societetshuset, so be prepared with a set of comfortable shoes. The walk is about 3 km. For those with obvious need of transport, this will be arranged.